Lpc Manpages

	predefined - predefined #defines by the parser

	Several preprocessor macros are pre#defined by the parser,
	to provide information about parser version, compile time
	options and parser invocation options:

	  LPC3        : always defined.
	  COMPAT_FLAG : defined if the driver runs in compat mode.
	  __MASTER_OBJECT__ : the name of the master object.
	  __FILE__          : the name of the compiled file.
	  __LINE__          : the actual line number.
	  __VERSION__       : the version string of the driver.

	Since 3.2.1, the following defines exist as well:

	  __DOMAIN_NAME__    : the domain the host is part of.
	  __HOST_IP_NUMBER__ : the hosts IP number (as a string).
	  __HOST_NAME__      : the full hostname.
	  __MAX_RECURSION__  : the max count of nested function calls
	                       (this is config.h:MAX_USER_TRACE).
	  NO_NATIVE_MODE     : defined if the driver does not run in
	                       native mode.
	  __EFUN_DEFINED__(name) : if the efun 'name' exists, this
	                        macro evaluates to " 1 ", else to " 0 ".

	query_host_name(E), version(E), pragma(LPC), preprocessor(LPC)