Lpc Manpages

                       !!!!! ACHTUNG !!!!!                               
  Diesen Befehl nicht mehr benutzen, da er nicht mehr unterstuetzt wird! 
        mixed *map_array(mixed *arr, string fun, string|object ob, mixed extra)
        mixed *map_array(mixed *arr, closure cl, mixed extra)

        Returns an array holding the items of arr mapped through
        ob->fun(element, extra) resp. the closure cl. The function fun
        in ob is called for each element in arr with that element as
        parameter. A second parameter extra is sent in each call if
        given. ob can be an object or a string. Principal function:

        foreach (index) arr[index] = ob->fun(arr[index],extra);

        The value returned by ob->fun(array[index],extra) replaces the
        existing element in the array. If arr is not an array, then 0
        will be returned.

        The extra argument is optional and must not be a protected reference
        like &(i[0]). If <ob> is omitted, or neither a string nor an object,
        it defaults to this_object().

        string ask_for_uid(object obj) {
           return getuid(obj);

        void func() {
           string *names;
           names = map_array(users(), "ask_for_uid", this_object());
           /* equivalent but a bit smaller and faster is the following */
           names = map_array(users(), #'getuid );

        This will create an array holding all uids of the current

        Since LDMud 3.2.6 obsoleted by map().
        Since LDMud 3.2.9, not available if driver is compiled without
        Removed in LDMud 3.3.

        filter(E), filter_objects(E), assoc(E),
        intersect_alist(E), insert_alist(E), map(E), map_objects(E),
        member(E), order_alist(E), sort_array(E), unique_array(E)