Lpc Manpages

	mixed heart_beat_error(object culprit, string err, string prg,
			       string curobj, int line)

	This function is called when a runtime error occurs while
	executing the heart_beat() function of the object culprit. prg
	is program where the actual error happened, in object curobj
	at the given line.

	At time of call, the heart_beat has been turned off.
	Return anything != 0 to restart the heart_beat in culprit.

	If culprit is a user, it should at least get the message ``You
	have no heartbeat''. A more advanced handling would destruct
	the offending object curobj and and allow the heartbeat to

	Note that prg denotes the program actually executed (which
	might be an inherited one) whereas curobj is just the
	offending object.

	set_heart_beat(E), heart_beat(A), runtime_error(M)