Lpc Manpages

	void heart_beat()

	This function will be called automatically every 2 seconds.
	The start and stop of heart beat is controlled by the efun
	set_heart_beat(). Be careful not to have objects with heart
	beat running all the time, as it uses a lot of driver
	resources. If there is an error in the heart beat routine, the
	heart beat will be turned off until this object is recompiled,
	and can not be restarted with set_heart_beat(). The function
	this_player() will return this object, but only if it is
	living. Otherwise, this_player() will return 0.
	Note that error messages will be given to the current user
	which will be the object itself or nobody.

	object owner;
	void create() {
	void heart_beat() {
	   tell_object(owner, "Your heart goes: BUM BUM\n");
	We have to use tell_object() because write goes to the current
	user and this can only be the object itself or nobody.

	set_heart_beat(E), call_out(E), enable_commands(E)