Lpc Manpages

	mixed get_     simul_efun(void)      // 3.2
	string|string* get_simul_efun(void)  // 3.2.1

	Load the simul_efun object(s) and return one or more paths of it.
// Note that the object(s) must be loaded by this function!
// When you return an array of strings, the first string is taken as path
// to the simul_efun object, and all other paths are used for backup
// simul_efun objects to call simul_efuns that are not present in the
// main simul_efun object. This allows to remove simul_efuns at runtime 
// without getting errors from old compiled programs that still use the 
// obsolete simul_efuns. A side use of this mechanism is to provide 
// a 'spare' simul_efun object in case the normal one fails to load.
	Should return either the file_name of the simul_efun object as
	a string, or an array containing as first element a string
	with the file name of the simul_efun object and the following
	elements strings with file names of alternate simul_efun
	objects that will be used if the first one cannot be loaded.