Lpc Manpages

	void epilog(void)		/* compat in 3.2 */
	string *epilog(int eflag)	/* !compat or 3.2.1 */

	Perform final actions before opening the system to users.
	The semantics of this function differ for compat and !compat
	mode, and between 3.2 and 3.2.1.

	Compat in 3.2: the objects from the INIT_FILE (#defined to
	"room/init_file" at compile time in the parser) are already
	loaded at this time. Normally there is nothing left to do for
	this function.

	!Compat and 3.2.1: the argument is the number of -e options that were
	given to the parser on the commandline. Normally it is just 0
	or 1. The function should return an array of strings, which
	traditionally denote the objects to be preloaded with
	master->preload(). Any other return value is interpreted as
	``no object to preload''. The resulting strings will be passed
	one at a time as arguments to preload().

	preload(M), master(M)