Lpc Manpages

string create_wizard(string name); 
string create_wizard (string name, string domain);

In the first form, with only name given as argument, create_wizard () makes
a directory for the wizard with the name name. It also creates the files
'castle.c' and 'workroom.c' in the new directory. The new directory is called
'PLAYERS_DIR/name', wher PLAYERS_DIR is a define in the name of the wizard.

The second form is used ofr adding a wizard to a domain, and expects the
argument domain to contain the name of the domain that the wizard is joining.
The difference from the first form is that the directory is placed in 
'DOMAIN_DIR/domain/name', where DOMAIN_DIR is a define in hte game driver,
domain is the name of the domain and name is the name of the wizard. Also a
symbolic link is created in PLAYER_DIR pointing at the new directory

Do NOT use this if you are not sure about what you are doing !

It returns the name of the new castle. In case of error, 0 is returned.