Lpc Manpages

        int call_direct_resolved(mixed result, object ob, string func, ...)

        Similar to call_direct(). If ob->func() is defined and publicly
        accessible, any of the optional extra arguments are passed to
        ob->func(...). The result of that function call is stored in
        result, which must be passed by reference.

        This efun is a twin to call_resolved(), with the difference
        being that call_direct_resolved() never calls a default method.

        The efun returns 1 if the function could be called.
        If ob::fun does not define a publicly accessible function, the
        efun will return 0.

        ob can also be an object_name. If a string is passed for ob, and
        no object with that name does exist, an error occurs.

        Introduced in LDMud 3.3.113 with the H_DEFAULT_METHOD hook.

        call_direct(E), call_resolved(E), function_exists(E),